Saturday, February 16, 2013

Emotional Responsibility of an Artist

Valentine's day was just a couple days ago, and it got me thinking about commitment, commitment to myself and my art. Which led to thinking about what my responsibilities as an artist to myself are. The first one that popped in my head was "emotional responsibilities."
As you gain in age wisdom you begin to notice some behaviors you've always had, have never really worked for you. In fact, they've worked against you. I know that I am not very creative, if I'm overly stressed or unhappy. I have a serious responsibility to myself to make sure that I am as happy and stress free as I can' be.
Melly and Peach
Obviously some stressors can't be stopped, I can however mold my responses to them in such a way that will make me happier or less stressed. Here are some tips on how to be emotionally responsible to yourself (in my humble opinion):

  • I am not responsible for anyone else's happiness or unhappiness.
  • I can't "fix" other people or their problems.
  • Other people can't "fix" me or my problems.
  • Being there for someone, does not mean taking on their emotions with them.
  • Guilt is never from a place of love.
  • Rinse and repeat
Freddie Mercury
These sound like simple things to remember, but it can be difficult when you're in the thick of things. When it comes right down to it, you can't help yourself or anyone else if you give in to stress, anger, disappointment and general unhappiness. So commit to yourself, commit to X amount of hours working on your art and finding your center and place of peace, love, and happiness. If YOU have those things, they can be contagious to those around you!



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Sharonahhh said...

I'm loving your new journey with paint. It takes quite an effort to make the time for all we love to do and sometimes one art form goes on stand-by to make room for the new form. Best wishes in the "mix" - you're doing it well.
Oh, and thank you again for all the goodies yesterday. They will be spread out to many happy fiber artists.
BTW, something is goofy with this preview but I'll publish anyway. Hope the repeats don't show up.