Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's a Process

Awhile back, I think I posed the picture of this piece that I started a couple months ago:

I took that, and added a red sphere to the center, then quilted it:

Do you notice how the quilt design is there, but it doesn't really stand out well?

What I did to help pull out the design, was start added Shiva paintstik to it:

After adding the red, I realized that the center motif still did not pop out enough, so I brough in the white. I then painted the "rays" on the outside border in red also. This is the finished piece:

The finished piece picture doesn't do it justice really, the lighting wasn't quite right, yellowed. Before Art-A-Whirl I will be taking much better quality photos of all of my pieces, in case they sell.

I finally get to go back to the studio today, after a stint at the temp job. I have to stop at the fabric store on the way, as I'm low on solids and my next project idea requires solids in multiple colors.

I also need to call the Nolting people, as they called while I was at work to let me know my frame is in! I need to schedule a time to have it delivered and set up! I will try to schedule it for tomorrow, so I have today to move all of the fabrics I have stored under my current one. I hope he can do it tomorrow!

I have also started another project which I will be unveiling in the next few weeks or so, so watch for that!

Have to bundle up again today to go out and about, there's a fresh layer of snow this morning. Have a great day!


Seesaw said...

Great news about your frame. I hope you can get it tomorrow. The art quilt looks great. Those paints really did the trick. Have fun. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

Bridget473 said...

Hooray for the frame and hooray for more studio time! I really like what you did with that piece -- beautiful!