Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Botanically Speaking

I've always loved the old botanical art prints. Last fall, my small group the Rosie Quilters did some flower pounding, and I am just now getting around to putting them to use. I leave this weekend for a wedding CA, and I decided to use one of them to do a small wall hanging for the happy couple. (Sorry for the inconsistency in the color in the images, the lighting in my studio (first picture) is way better than my lighting in my 1925 home.)

This is after it's been quilted, but before turning the binding:

After turning the binding, I decided the white around the leaf pounding was far to bright and contrasting for the piece. So I stopped at Blick Art and picked up a few different cream to yellow cream craft acrylics and softened the white:

I really like how it turned out. I hope the couple likes it.

This morning I stopped and got the solid fabrics for my next project coming up:

Great colors! I especially like the lime green and the orange! I will be having fun with these!

I was happy to receive a visit from one of the Rosie Quilters, Melissa, today at the studio. We had a nice lunch then visited while working on our projects. It's always nice to get visitors to the studio!

Tomorrow my new longarm frame will be delivered! It won't be in until afternoon, so I may not get to quilt on it tomorrow, and may not even get something on it until I return from California, but at least I'll have the happiness of knowing it's there waiting for me!

Catch ya later!


maggi said...

Lovely present, they are sure to like it. What a fantastic array of solids, can't wait to see what you get up to with those.

Bridget473 said...

What a beautiful gift. I'm sure they'll love it. I'll bet it will drive you crazy knowing that new frame is sitting at home while you're in CA! Have a fun and safe trip!

Seesaw said...

Have a wonderful time at the wedding. Don't let that new fram distract you! The bride and groom will love you gift from the heart. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX