Friday, April 03, 2009

The Arrival

Yesterday was the day, the new frame arrived.

First I had to clean up the old frame area (we tend to store things under our tubs of fabrics):

Look how clean it looked:

Next, in came the new pieces:

Table is up, panto cover is on:

The happy ratchet and crank adjusters that I've lusted after for so long:

Here she is, machine and all! The commercial frame is actually nearly a foot LESS deep than the other frame, gaining me some space back. I had locking castor wheels, so I can push it up against the wall when not in use:

Before the frame arrived, I managed to eek out a small 5"x7" piece, "stain" the frame and get it done, I think it's cute:

And then, I went to the Spiritual Art show in Minneapolis, and was shocked to see NEEMA had the posters out already, and the ad using one of my pieces was on it! Mine is the upper right image of the leaves and berries. Oddly the colors on the digital image they sent, were a bit off, the green is actually a more olive green that this appears, maybe it had to do with it being a print mockup, not sure:

Here's a quick snapshot of the actual poster, as you can see the colors are all different, but this one is a more accurate portrayal of them:

I'm just happy that you can actually read the artist's names on each piece. It always annoys me when you see a collage of art, and there is one you really like, but they don't list the creators, so you have no way of tracking them down to possibly see more of their work!

Today, I have to put a label and way to hang the wedding gift together, laundry, a little shopping, and then get packed for California tomorrow. I have to figure out how to pack enough stuff for through Wednesday in carry on items only. I don't want to pay the stupid $25 first bag fee (Curses to you NWA), nor do I relish the idea of trying to find my baggage at LAX.

I do plan to bring my laptop, so hopefully I will be able to blog a bit while I am there. But if not, you'll be sure to hear from me on Thursday. :)


Seesaw said...

Your work on the poster is perfect. You're a star! Have fun at the wedding. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

Norma Riehm said...

I really love the framed leaf quilt! I want one too, but I don't want to get married again. If you do some more like that, they should do great in the Art-A-Whirl. You really do drip with talent. ;)

Bridget473 said...

The frame looks great -- as does your framed piece! Have a great time at the wedding!

Debra Svedberg said...

Hey, you're home now, where's the dang updates? I wanna see pictures!