Saturday, December 06, 2008

Holy Snow!

Well, yesterday did not go as I thought it would. The plan was a great day and the start of my art sale. Instead, it was my best friend being laid off, and virtually a blizzard, which meant very few brave souls who came out to the sale for the first night.

We did however sell one of the woven rugs we're selling for a friend!

It feels very strange when people come in, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I manage to say hello, and then look mildly busy, so that they won't feel that I am stalking them or something!

I actually don't anticipate selling any of my pieces this weekend, not sure why, just a gut feeling. But I do hope some of the quilt ladies make it out, and buy some of my hand dyes, and maybe some of the commercial prints I have out for sale.

We actually ended up closing up an hour early, because it was pretty well dead, and I did not want to allow another hour of snowing before I got out of there! Today will be a long day though, 11am - 9pm. But, I will be sewing and will probably throw a piece on my longarm to quilt.

Maybe if I am a very lucky girl, I will sell something today.

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