Sunday, December 07, 2008

A First Time For Everything

I did it, I sold my very first piece this weekend! Actually, I sold two pieces - a wall hanging and a designer pillow! I'm so excited! I think selling two pieces and some of my hand dyed fabrics is pretty good considering how low the turnout was probably due to the not so pleasant weather!

I also want to share information about another studio in my building, "I Love A Parade". Where I bought this (sorry, not a great picture, I took it with my mackbook so it's a mirror image! lol)

This is what the tag on the pieces reads: "I Love A Parade markets high-quality art objects made by people who are homeless. These articles are created from recycled materials donated by theaters and parades. By buying this item you are purchasing an object of beauty and fun. You are also providing a work opportunity and income for a homeless artisan."

If you would like to learn more, please visit I Love A Parade.

This week will be spend playing with a special treat I receive last week - four boxes of free upholstery samples! Pictures will be forthcoming I"m sure!

It's snowing here again today/tonight, and the 10 day forecast predicts snow for all but 2 days coming up! Eek! Merry Christmas! hehe


Mickey Depre said...

Clap-Clap-Clap! Hurray for you! I am so happy for your sales...there is nothing like that validation!

And thanks for sharing the "I love a Parade" piece/concept.

Enjoy the snow...pretty much the same forcast here!

Renee said...

Great for you. I know it is always a little intimidating asking people to actually pay for our work. Glad to hear you had some success!