Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Morning!

I'm sharing a photo today, of the first piece of my art that I have ever sold. I call it Marshlands, and here it is hanging on the wall! I just finished putting the hanging bits on last night, and hung it up for some pictures before it goes. I will be calling the owner today to set up a pick up time.

Tonight I am going to a NEMAA night at the Penco art supply store! Food, demos, a chance at a $75 gift card! Sounds good to me. You can check out Penco's online shopping! I'm excited to make my first visit tonight - I've been scouring their website though!

I have a couple events calling for art coming up that I would like to produce something for, so I imagine I will need to get going on that soon!

Can you believe that Christmas is only two weeks away? Time goes far too fast.

Off for now, but I'm sure I'll post soon with my goodies from the event tonight!

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Margo said...

Stephanie, your Marshlands quilt is beautiful!! Since that's your first sold piece, I hope you will start a scrapbook/photo collection of the stuff you sell!