Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Weekend, Bad News, and Cleaning Stew

This past weekend I went on a three day retreat with my Mom and our friend. I had a great time, we share food, coffee, fabric and ideas. I stayed up far to late one night sewing, and slept far too late the next morning!

Then today, I went to Stew (studio), and began the cleaning and reorganizing process for the upcoming sale in December. This meant, sorting through fabrics to weed it out a bit, I'm putting quite a bit of my fabrics for sale, both commercial and my hand dyes. I also changed the whole main area, so that it was more "boutique" like, for displaying pieces for sale.

My sewing/designing area is still in tatters, but I should be able to get that fixed up tomorrow. I will be leaving it up until the very end, as I still need to get a lot more together for the sale.

I received news this weekend, that I did not get the grant that I applied for. I was very sad to find out, and it still stings. I know it shouldn't, but it feels like a personal rejection! There was the obligatory thank you and please try again next round letter. (Which by the way, came a week before they had said decisions would be made!)

So, I'm cleaning Stew and licking my wounds, and yes, questioning whether I have the right to call myself an artist. Am I really just a crafter? This question has been bothering me since the night I got the news. How DO you know whether you're an artist, or a crafter? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Aim for what you want to be, not what you think others (organizations) think of you. Questioning and doubting are just part of the process. My husband and I had a conversation a few weeks ago regarding identity - basically don't be defined by how I'm (you're) viewed by others - in that way I'll never measure up or I'll get such a big head that if I fail at some point it will send me reeling. Be a fiber artist, do what you love, remember that no matter what you hear from outside that you're good and your art will develop and change over time and enjoy the process.


Mickey Depre said...

Hang in there Steph...the collection of rejection letters is large here too. You will find your audience.

p.s. I'm set for our challenge...just email me the rules you came up with.