Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Day

First of all, I want to show off my little tree I got for my studio! And yes, that's a Peacock at the top, I have a thing for birds right now I guess.

I finally started my Ikea quilt! Thank goodness! (For those who may not have been reading way back when, Ikea is hosting a quilt contest in my area to raise money for our Textile Center's children's programs. The first place winner will get a $1,000 makeover from Ikea.) I want to make the December 5th deadline in order to get the $50 gift card that anyone turning in early gets!

It turns out that I may also have three quilts to quilt for someone! Yay for extra Christmas cash if this works out, I could sure use it!

I also still have to keep working on creating pieces for my sale. I've come to the conclusion that intricate art pieces will not be viable at this time, but smaller more simple designs will be quicker to make, and more affordable to the general public. However, I think I will put information up in the studio about commission work.

And of course, I am still going through the whole root canal process - next trip will be the final filling, but it was worked on yesterday, and is still smarting a bit.

These are the Ikea fabrics I have been looking at for months trying to decide what to do for the contest. I can use any that I want. The ones I received as my packet, from left to right numbers: 4, 6, 8, and 10. Turns out, that I will probably only be using of those four in the piece at all, and that's a maybe!
Below is a twin size"ish" top that I finished putting together during the quilt retreat this past weekend. It started with a couple of the charm packs and play and learn or something like that. I added a black flange, then a nice blue border. I can't wait to have time to quilt it, it's going to look great on my couch!

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