Monday, November 03, 2008

Dear Santa,

First of all, let me say that I was looking at these puppies before I saw the Oprah with them on it. However, after seeing it on Oprah, it was confirmed that I NEED one of these little guys. Just think of all the money I will save over time Santa, by buying a bestseller for $10, instead of $25+! Just think of all the things I will be able to learn, from the books, and from the dictionary when I look up those words I don't know!

Did I mention Santa, that I would be able to download newspapers, enabling me to stay up to day on the world? Or that it will help save trees and the environment? If I get one, I promise to be an advocate for them, to try and encourage others to buy them? So they can help too?

Oh Santa, words can's describe the longing I have for this little gadget. I know it will be used as much or more than my ipod. It will rival my love of my iPhone!

I know, I know Santa, the price tag is a little high. But keep in mind how many books I buy in a year! Just think of all that savings! Also, think of all of the free books that I can get from public domain! And I already know of a national library site that for only $8.95 a year, I can download tons and tons of books from!

Okay Santa, I've said my peace. That's all I can do. Please consider my request for a Kindle book! :)

I have been talking to "Santa" about this baby for about two weeks now. I think he might be getting the hint...


I'm am steep in the midst of working on sketching ideas for the Ikea challenge. It's proving quite tough for me to put myself in "Ikea Design" mind. Their style of design, is quite different from my own. Which is weird, since I LOVE their stuff and shop there. But when it comes to my own creations, it's quite different.

I'm going on a mini retreat with my Mom and one of our friends next week. I'm pretty excited about that! I always get lots of great ideas on retreats, and feel replenished and inspired when I come home.

I've been doing the hand stitching for the binding on several quilts at home, while watching various documentaries on the Netflix "Watch Now" thing. Boy is that feature AWESOME! And we just found out that it will be available as a function on Tivo come December! So I won't have to watch it on my computers after that! I will be finishing the binding on two quilts today hopefully.

Then tomorrow is ELECTION DAY. (Vote! Vote! Vote!) Then Wednesday, I should be back in the studio, if not later today as well.

Have a great day!


Ana said...

I rly love your Santa's letter :) I hope Santa Zach is reading this :)

Mickey Depre said...

Seems that Santa letter was also written in this house buy certain twins...expensive twins...LOL. Who also have December BDays. VERY EXPENSIVE TWINS....

I hope you have been a "good girl".