Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've gone and done a crazy thing. I've accepted the position of program chair for my guild! Eeek! The exciting part, is that I will get to come up with ideas for different speakers, and for the focus of our off months when we don't have a guest speaker come in. The scary part? I will have to speak in front of the guild and introduce people, etc. (Did I mention that I hate public speaking?)

I've not felt very creative this past week, in fact I haven't even made it to my studio. I have been home, immersing myself in documentaries off Netflix (I've discovered they're watch it now option, where you can stream it to your pc.) So, while watching documentaries on things such as the Dalai Lama, and American historical pieces (Watched one about Restoration after the Civil War, that was really good!), I have been sketching, sketching, sketching.

Yesterday the sketches started to become a little more cohesive, so the may have a series potential, in fact, there were two different sort of sub groups that emerged! I will be spending today sketching also. And of course I have to get my booty to the gym today too, I've been naughty this week.

I think my body is trying to adjust to the very cold temperatures we've been having in Minnesota suddenly. The first bit of pre-winter temps are always hard to get used to. But this morning I was pleased that it was nearly 40 degrees when I woke up, that's a bit better! And we're supposed to see nearly 70 degrees today! So I may get out after all!

Does anyone else find that they have natural creative phases? I seem to cycle through, first cycle I am not creative at all, then I begin to want to sketch, then I finally want to put something together, then I slip back into not creating. It's almost like I fill up my tank, then I create, create, create until it's empty, and then have to let it fill back up again!

Today, I think I may see what sort of documentaries they have on art and/or artists!


Mickey Depre said...

we are so in tune....

Ana said...

Can you pls post Halloween photos ? I bet people would love to see your white gloves :)
Also myspace works (i tried it the same night), you just need to click skip on that page with one box to get to your regular sign on page.