Thursday, October 09, 2008


The first couple of pictures here were taken from my house. The first, was yesterday morning, while there was still a haze of fog everywhere. It was beautiful!

This second one is from this morning, with the sun just starting to hit the trees across the street. The colors are much more brilliant in person of course.

I finished the quilting on the auction piece yesterday, still have the binding to turn back and hand stitch of course. That will be done while I'm watching TV. Sorry it's not too clear of a picture, I'll take a better one when it's done.

After I finished the quilting on the first one, I still had quite a bit of the afternoon left, so I picked one of my thumbnail sketches from my book, and put this one together. I admit that I have a tree fetish, and I accept it!

Today I have personal training in the morning, then I'll be off to "Stew" (studio) again. I'm thinking about sticking with this thumbnail play thing. The second one there, quilted down past 12.5", so I squared it off at 12". It's art right? So I don't think I need to freak out that it didn't finish at 12.5" before binding!

One of the organizations that I am in, Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association or NEMAA, is hosting a Fall Fine Arts Show. Each member is invited to enter one piece. So, I may start working on an idea for that. But, I will also have to experiment with mounting a quilted piece onto a traditional method of hanging pictures. I don't think they will be set up for the sleeve and bar method! The show isn't until November 15th, so I've got some time, thank goodness.

Plus, it will be nice to have projects with deadlines to keep me busy, so I don't sit and obsess over the grant results that won't be announced until the week of November 17. It's bad enough that it keeps working it's way into my dreams!

I had to have management bring me a space heater in Stew, they don't turn on the heat in the building until November, and it was pretty chilly! I sure hope the place is naturally warmer once they turn the boiler on for the building!

Off to get ready for personal training. Have a great day!

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