Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sometimes It's Hard to Let Go

Well, I have the piece finished for the auction, and it's really hard to let it go now, because I love the way it turned out! *sniff* I still need to make a hanging sleeve and a label for it. I'll do that on Monday, I wasn't able to yesterday as the building my studio is in was doing an electrical upgrade and I had no power.

I went in on Thursday though, and put some of these guys together using thumbnail sketches from my book. I think the turned out pretty cute. Next week I will quilt them all. They are little 12" blocks for wallhangings. I think I may put them up for sale on Etsy when they are done. :) What do you think? The red one isn't so hot, but I was just messing around with some extra pieces that already have fusible on them.

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maggi said...

Hi Stephanie, I'm not surprised that you are reluctant to let your quilt go as it looks great Just think of all the extra inspiration from new speakers at your group though. The 12" blocks are a great idea - without quilting my favourite is the first one although that can sometimes change when a piece is quilted. Maggi