Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cleaning Up My Act

So, this morning I went to the gym and put my hour in! Then, before I went to the studio, I stopped in at Target to get one of these for my studio:

It may look tiny, but it worked pretty well! Thank goodness too, because my floor was layered with dirt. Dirt/dust is an issue for me, due to the dirt parking lot outside the side studio door, which because of lack of a/c is open most days in the summer. Thank goodness for fall rains, and the impending snows of winter!

I got the top done for the auction that the Minnesota Contemporary Quilters is having to raise speaker money. I even started quilting it before I came home tonight. The picture isn't the greatest, but you get the gist. Would you believe that these fabrics are from Walmart?? (Please don't bother sending me any hate mail for shopping at Walmart..if you wanna pay my bills, then we'll talk!)

I'll be finishing up the quilting tomorrow, and then getting the binding on so I can do the hand stitching this week still. I may even be able to get another small piece done to donate. I'm so happy to be home, healthy, and back to the studio again!

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