Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Still Human!

After a week of the flu - yes, flu in September it seems, if the high fevers are any indicator, I am finally starting to feel human again. It's been a rough week, I have had to try and muddle through my first grant application experience while sneezing, coughing, shivering, leg cramps and fever confusion! A big huge thank you to my husband's dad's wife for her help. I could not have muddled through the artist statement, the resume or proposal without her.

And major thanks also, to hubby and my best friend, who both spend three hours with me last night at the studio photographing my ten chosen sample pieces. Taking care of best friend today, as she seems to have finally been struck down with what I had with a vengeance - 101.8 fever last night! (Don't you feel horrible when you see someone get what you gave them? Like you cultivated the little buggers that are now making their life hell?)

I also thank them for putting up with my constant talk and worry about this process. It was a huge learning experience for me, both about grants, but also about my own art and what it means to me! I have never had to sit down and try and explain in just a couple paragraphs what I do, what it means, and where I want to go!

I still have one part to write, which is the anticipated outcome and affect I expect to see on my professional career from my project. (Sorry..can't share the project at this time!) This one's a toughie, I know what my answer is, but finding the words is difficult.

I have the treat of going to the DMV today to get my tabs, which I was going to get waaaay last week, but was too sick to go. I had going anywhere near the end of the month, so the second to the last day of the month should be particularly busy and miserable! Boo! And I've never understood why they are always so cranky! C'mon people, I've worked day care jobs and never been that unhappy. Try getting puke, coolaid, peanut butter, snot, and an assortment of other unidentifiable things on you throughout the day, THEN act like your entire life is miserable and that being there is tantamount to a public stoning.

Okay, okay, so they aren't ALL like that, but the one in my area seems to be the worst that I've encountered so far. Fortunately, there is one very friendly nice gentleman that works there, and I try to time it so I can get him, and not one of the Witches of Eastwick! ;)

The remainder of the day will be spent: napping (still tired!), touching up my statement/resume, putting together my outcome statement, and cleaning up the poor house that has been neglected the past week. Oh, and then possibly more napping!

Here's a pictures from Hawaii. I have no idea what kind of flower it is, but I took the picture outside of the Hilo airport the day of the helicopter flight. I'm debating putting together a collection of my flower pictures on cd, and selling it. Hmmm...

Have a great day!

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Ana Tunnicliffe said...

Aw... get better soon both of you :(