Thursday, October 02, 2008

Holding Onto a Little Bit of Summer

Last night I went to 7th St Entry (1st Avenue) and saw The Veils. I love this band, check them out at The Veils. It was nice to get out to a concert again too, it had been too long!

Before that though, I managed to make my way to the studio again. I'm finally really feeling better, and even my cough is gone!

So, before I went, I grabbed some leaves and flowers. I think they turned out pretty good!

These were some pine needles I pulled off of a sprig. I think they turn out pretty neat. Then I pounded a hole sprig which turned out even cooler!

Then I started to playing with the placement of the leave, deliberately setting up a "scene". I really like how these two turned out. I'm excited to turn these into complete projects.

It's really feeling and looking like fall here in Minnesota. It's 61 degrees here today, bright blue and sunny. But you can already feel the lack of warmth the sun offers, and the nip in the breezes. I adore fall, it is hands down my favorite season. The entire process is amazing to me, the way the trees prepare to go to sleep until springs comes around again. The colors of the leaves as they turn, the striking contrast of the bare trees against a clear sky after they drop their leaves, and the smells of the fallen leaves! Yup, it's my season!

I turned in my grant application packet yesterday, now all I can do is hope and wonder until November 17-21 when the awards will be announced. I do have a great distractor at hand, the Ikea Art Quilt challenge. I have a one in fifty shot of a $1,000.00 studio makeover from Ikea, as well as the opportunity for my quilt to hang in Ikea, and/or on ads throughout the cities. They are planning a Light Rail poster series also!

Now I have to go and try to find the motivation to clean the house. I keep hoping that I will one day way up a neat and organized person. Though, I'm also willing to trade quilting services to anyone who is willing to keep my house clean! lol

Have a great day!

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