Thursday, September 18, 2008

Helicopter Fun!

Well, we did the helicopter ride, and it was great! I only had one moment of feeling dizzy on a steepish right turn, other than that, no problem at all!

This first picture, though it may be hard to see, is a little wall hanging of a Hawaiian underwater scene. They were selling these in a gallery. (Oddly, they were made in Indonesia.)

These are the pictures from helicopter! I still can't believe that I got to see lava like this!! In the second picture, the lava you see there was actually two lava streams meeting up and flowing together really fast!

This is where the lava is currently flowing into the ocean.

I don't have a very good night picture camera. Hubby and BF do, I will try to get some of their pictures later to post on here. Their cameras worked awesomely!

Now for today. It was a fabric shopping, margarita drinking, bookstore browsing day! (I just can't stay away from bookstores! They're like a Mecca to me!)

When we went to the UPS store to ship my stuff home (OMG is shipping as expensive as everything else in Hawaii!), we saw a pride of kitties off to the side/behind the strip mall. This is common in Hawaii, tons of feral cats because they have no natural predators here.

We learned though that most of the large prides of them, have people that are committed and kind enough to feed and water the little guys. There's also a group that captures them, neuters/spays, then puts them back with their group again! So here are some of them!

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