Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off Roading

Well, we went to South Point today. We even attempted to drive the 2.25 miles to the green sand beach down there, but the boys didn't think the SUV 4x would make it without bottoming out completely. (snicker) We were heading back up North to Kona, when we saw these guys!

Yes, it really is a zebra. Next to a donkey. And guess what?? The donkey? Is pregnant with the zebras baby, and it will be called a "zonkey". I kid you not!

Anyways, the donkey, zebra and zonkey's owner/mom was selling farmer direct Kona coffee. Of course we bought the Zebra Blend, which is a blend of dark and medium roast, yum!

We got to talking, and were telling her about our attempt to see the green sand beach at South Point. She very kindly let us know, if we went back 10 minutes, we would see a "road", and that it would take us down to a seldom visited green sand beach. Wowzers!

After about a 30-45 minute very bumpy, very jarring off road drive down over 5 miles, we found the green sand beach. (Of course, the girls in the back had to keep encouraging the boys that we could indeed make it!) And boy was it worth it!

We did not go down onto the beech itself, as the waves were very large, and tide seemed to be coming in. I'll risk an off road, but I know better than to trust the sea! (I certainly don't want to be one of the tourists that gets themselves killed doing something stupid!)

Here's a couple of views of a small cliff wall there.

Here's the gang! Ain't we cute? This is my favorite picture of the troupe this trip I think.

Another picture of the green sand beach!

I was proud of us for making it down there. And proud of myself, as I managed to "hover pee" when we finally got there. (Try off roading for about 3/4 of a hour while you need to pee!!)

I'm really nervous tonight, because we drive over to Hilo tomorrow, and we will be doing a helicopter ride on the "Ring of Fire" tour. I have NEVER been in a helicopter, and I'm so scared! I am not afraid of crashing, or turbulence or anything like that. I'm afraid of getting sick! I tend to get motion sickness, and vertigo pretty bad, so I am really scared! I have my seabands bracelets, but I am debating taking some Dramamine. (Though I don't want to be asleep for the tour either!)

Needless to say, I will be eating light all day, until after that. My greatest fear other than spiders/bugs, is of throwing up! lol Weird I know, but one case of food poisoning, and it's easy to get a phobia!

I'm excited to get to see Hilo. Last time we were here, we only had a limited time there, and I believe it was a Sunday, so mostly everything was closed down.

Yesterday, I was very fortunate. I was able to visit the Daifukuji Soto Mission, a Buddhist/Zen temple in South Kona. It was a very lovely place, and the first Buddhist temple I have had the chance to visit ever.

This a a view of the alter in the meditation area.

This is the alter for the general assembly area.

It was so quiet there, it's amazing how quiet a space is without all sorts of electronics plugged in and humming! I loved it!

Off to watch some Pulp Fiction, then to bed to finish Eat, Pray, Love, then sleep to prepare for another full day!

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