Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I ain't to proud to dive...

Okay, so this weekend, I went to the studio. I was in the parking lot and went by the dumpster, and saw something red sticking over the top. So I did it, I dumpster dove! I found this steel metal thing that I can hang quilts on, and the wooden plank door that's rather large and neat! A woman walked by while I was diving, and gave me the weirdest look..meh!

I really wish I could find a working washing machine in the dumpster, now THAT would be something!

Moday, despite a visual migraine and ensuing headache (which I can still feel on Weds.), I managed to get For Pele's Sake quilted. I will post full pictures once the binding is done and the people are attached. I was really pleased with the effect of heavy quilting with a variegated thread on Pele's hair.

A friend, B., stopped by the studio to see it for the first time, and she took me to an awesome store I'd never been to before, and I got a few fabrics. (The top one is actually turquoise and a strange yellow/green color.)

The store is called Crafty Planet and they have the coolest fabrics, that I have never seen anywhere else! Seriously, I can not stress enough how COOL this store is! Yeehaw, I'll be back again!

Tuesday night was my small group meeting with the Rosie Quilters, and one of the girls was SO sweet. She saw the "Keep On Quilting" piece in the Minnesota quilt show in Rochester and put a bid in to get it for me as a studio warming present! Lucky me, she won! Isn't it great??? It's so perfect! The tag on the bottom has teh tites "Rosie the Quilter".

Another good day, and I started a new project too! Should be able to complete For Pele's Sake! tomorrow, or at elast get the people on and most of the sleeve attached (after I make it that is...)

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