Friday, August 08, 2008

For Pele's Sake!

It's finally done! (Though not blocked and pressed yet, as the glue for the people was still drying when I took the pictures.) I have not decided yet whether I will put faces on them. I'm a bit conflicted about it.

A little bit closer view of the people I made, as well as the hut. You gotta love the decorative yarns!

This is Pele..she needs something, but I am not sure what yet. Still not sure about the face. (Maybe because I'm not good at doing faces? We'll see!)

Going to the studio in a bit, working on a gift for someone, and would like to get it done today. I will be busy next week getting reading to leave for Florida on Weds!

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Mickey Depre said...

Stephanie...Fantastic! And I don't know that you need be honest I didn't even realize they had no faces until you pointed it out. Sometimes its good to drop a detail or so and let the viewer fill it in.