Friday, August 01, 2008

Good Day Sunshine...

What a great day. Got an email from Mom saying she'd be without power today. Of course this meant she wouldn't be able to longarm. Which of course meant that I should make the trip and go get her. So I did! Went and picked her up and brought her to the Twin Cities, where we went to The Quiltworks wholesale shop! OMG! It was my first time there, and I believe it may be love at first charge..I mean sight!

The Booty:

The little box on the left side, is full of Clover applique pins! The are my absolute favorite little pins ever! (They're the tiny ones with white heads.) I can only find them in one other store around here, and if I can avoid shopping there, I do! (And no, it isn't Walmart!)

It is a bit hard to see, but that right thread is actually a very bright orange, green and yellow, which will be perfect for my latest elf piece! Woohoo! Those two little tubes are beading thread, that I found, 4 for $1 on the discount shelf. I'm good on beading thread for life probably!

The elephants were irresistible! But I did manage to resist two more of them, there was a whiter one, and a black background one too.

The far right fabric is a very nice midnight blue star/moon piece, perfect for baby quilts.

Mom and I had loads of fun..then hubby, Biff, Mom and Dad and I got together for a hoity toity wine filled happy evening at my favorite restaurant! Mmmmhmmm...I had the yummiest spicy sausage pasta!

It's Girls Like You Mickey...

This is the background for the 12.5" block I am doing for Mickey Depre. I'm just calling it "Hawaiian Sunset".

I would like Mickey to know, that this is the first time in my life that I have EVER pieced curves! (I feel like I just burned my bra or something!) At first I tried pinning it (Honest Alex, I really did!) But soon plucked them all out and went the way of Ricky Tims! (Oh sweet freedom!) It lays surprisingly flat for being my first curves! (It's pretty amazing how people you've never met in real life can inspire you and give you the courage to try new things!)

Tiny People, On the Hillside...

I mentioned before, that I needed little Hawaiian dolls for my, "For Pele's Sake" piece. Well, didn't find any, but thanks to my great Mom, who spent a weekend trying stuff out for me, I was able to put together this little ones! The first group are only about 2" tall, the one that's by herself wearing the pink dress and lei around her neck is probably 3.5"+. (Ya know, the hair is not as hideous as the pictures look, I promise!)

In this main picture, you can just make out the polynesian hut that I put together. Yes, there is a thatched "palm" roof! Way too much fun!

I will hopefully be getting the pieces tacked down, the netting placed down, then quilting started/done this coming week if the weather doesn't get too hot.

And, because of a ticket voucher from an airline's mess up last year, my Biff (best friend forever) and I will be leaving for Pensacola on the 13th. Woohoo! And of course, leaving for Hawaii on Sept. 6th. Two ocean trips in two months time, could life be any more awesome?

It was just one of those days, that could not have been more perfect! I have sure been having a lot of those lately!

This weekend will be spent bottling beer, and possibly some studio time depending on the temps, though high 80s are predicted, which will probably mean high 90s in my studio, so it may be a no-go. If that's the case, it will be reading/sketching/movie weekend.

G'night now!

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