Thursday, July 24, 2008

The things we'll do in the name of art...

First of all, let's discuss the elf. I took the picture above before I was going to leave the studio this afternoon so I would be able to post tonight. I looked, and looked, and looked. Something inside me said "Something is wrong here...." So I looked some more. Then, it hit me, "SH*T! Where are her ears??" Yes, that's right. I forgot her damn ears! It's important to note here, that I had already fused all of the pieces down. Mmmhmm.

Emergency Reconstructive Surgery!

Poor things had to go under the knife! She was distraught, but I assured her it would be alright. Though, to be fair, it was a touch and go surgery. I had to cut her on each side of her head, slide the ears through the slots, strategically place the surgical tape (Wonder Under), and sew (iron) her up again. She came through it okay, but was understandably unhappy with me. I tried to tell her we were even, as it resulted in me staying nearly 45 minutes later than I'd planned. (Somehow, she didn't sympathize.)

Here she is after the reconstructive surgery. Elves healing abilities are amazing, aren't they?

On to the rest of what we'll do in the name of art. I have probably flagged myself with "them" (you know, THEM), after my Google searches today. Take a peek at my searches:

Worry Dolls
Tropical Worry Dolls
Hawaiian Worry Dolls
Tiny Naked Dolls
Naked Worry Dolls
Tiny Naked Worry Dolls
Undressed Worry Dolls
Nude Worry Dolls

I'm here to inform you, that in a society where it seems ANYTHING can be a fetish, apparently tiny naked dolls are not one of them. *sigh* Now I can only worry that Homeland Security will be "tapping" my "internets". (And for those that might just be joining us, I'm looking for little worry doll sized dolls for my Hawaiian piece.)

The afternoon, after the surgery, was spent procuring inventory items for my studio: a ton of different paints I was running low on and 50 yards of white fabric. And of course, I couldn't resist stopping by St*rbucks for my new vice, their blended lemonade with REAL lemon zest, omgomgomgomg! Yummmmers!

Oh, almost forgot! I also got a rough thumbnail drawing done for Mickey's Colloriffic challenge! Woohoo! I can't wait to get started on it!

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