Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman...

Ran up to the studio after the corporate gig today, and finished up the quilt I had on the frame. I only had 3 borders left to do. It was my first try at mostly freehand feather..I blue markered the first row/block, then tried to freehand it the rest of the way.

Then, I checked my mail, not expecting anything, because so far I hadn't gotten anything in the studio mailbox. But I was super surprised to receive my first piece of mail today! Mickey Depre sent me my prize for helping name her new pattern! I'm not including the "prize" itself in the picture, as she was sending stuff to the runners up as well. :) Don't wanna ruin any surprises, but mine was AWESOME! On top of that, it was awesome to see my studio address and my name on a package! hehe Thanks Mickey!!!!

It looks like the corporate gig is supposed to last up to a week. So I won't get too much studio time for awhile. But at least I'll get a good chunk saved back for machine payments.

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Anonymous said...

Your quilting is beautiful! Keep it up! Melissa Clamer