Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doing Time

I received a call from the business that I temp for on and off, so I will be doing some time working there for a bit. Not sure how long it will be for, will hopefully get more info on that today. I'm glad of it, because that's more money towards the payments on my longarm!

Also, I had someone out to install the extension plate on my Fun Quilter, and had him try to help me with the tension. It would work while he was there, but after he left it was breaking, breaking, breaking again on the top thread. Well, at the suggestion of my mom, I turned off the Intellistitch, and it worked fine. Hardly any breakages after that point. Turns out, she can't use her Intellistitch on her machine either. (Hmmmm) It's really too bad that it's the expensive part of the machine! lol At least I was able to finish quilting the blocks I had on there. I'll post pics later. I still need to get back in and quilt the two side borders and the bottom border.

Well, I'm off to the rat race! I am a bit cranky to have to hang up my flip flips on put on "real" shoes. Bleah!

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EileenKNY said...

You have to call Zoltan Kasa directly if you don't get satisfaction from your dealer. I used to have the IS and whenever I'd ask about anything, my dealer would say "Oh I have to talk to Zoltan". Finally, I went over her head.
You and your Mom spent too much on these add ons to not have them work.
I ended up sending my Gammill in to be retrofitted to a Plus, which is their version of the stitch regulator. So I spent double the amount. Don't let it happen to you.