Friday, July 11, 2008


There are benefits to a "corporate" job sometimes, and one of those benefits, is a place for your mind to stop feeling pressure to be creative, thus refilling your creative stores.

I noticed this quite a long time ago. I feel the most creative after a good stint at a data entry temp job. The manager that I work for is pretty awesome, leaves me be, and lets me plug the ipod buds into my ears, and just get into my zone. Which is very good, because it's a collection agency, and I don't seem to possess the skill of tuning out the tense conversations around me.

Once you get into it, it's fairly mindless work, which leaves me free to think about quilts/painting/sewing/dyeing while I work. I usually keep a notebook near me to jot down ideas, sketches, or themes that I would like to explore.

And it's also nice every now and then, to experience the Friday Bliss as I like to call it. You know, going out for dinner and beers with friends/family and just laughing and having fun. Which we did tonight. Now tomorrow, I get to appreciate Saturday morning, and not having to get up and go to work. Of course it is a bit different now that I have the studio, because I will be getting up and going to work in the morning just like everyone else at the house. But I set my own hours, so it's a bit different.

As soon as I get back into the studio full time, I have decided that I need to divide my time. I have many, many tops that I've had for years that need to be quilted, but I have decided I can't just focus on them. Many of them are tops that I made when I first started quilting, so the piecing and the fabrics aren't that great, which makes quilting a challenge. (Though I do realize it's a perfect way to learn to deal with "difficult" quilts.) However, I am going to have to etch out a portion on the day for designing new pieces. I want to get a good series together for the shop display walls.

I'm super excited about tomorrow morning, there are two recipes of beer waiting to be brewed tomorrow! One is a honey porter, that my best friend's best friend (hehe!) sent her for her birthday, and it sounds yummy! The other I picked up this evening at our local brewer's store, and it is an English ESB, four bags of hops, mmmmmm!

Off to watch some tv, and more than likely fall asleep on the couch! :)


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Ana: Are you coming "Karting" with us tomorrow ?

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