Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tiny Happy People Holding Hands....(Any REM fans out there?)

Good evening! Another mostly productive day here, in spite of a nasty lingering headache that began last night. I added the last layers to the tree line fabric I am doing for borders. I think it turned out rather interesting! I did two fat half yards to make 6 borders (always have to allow for possibly screwing mean experimenting!) I hate to toot my own horn, but I am impressed with the way it looks like a photograph from a distance.

This is the "rag" I used to wipe up all my spills, wipe my hands on, and clean brushes with today. Waste not, want not!

This is what happens when you take two yards of wet fabric, put it into a zip lock bag, then take the cup of orange diluted paint and add turquoise to it, pour into bag, then let set in the sun for awhile. Wring out extra liquid, then lay back in the sun to dry, heat set with iron! I don't know about you, but I see another tree on that right hand side...hmmm.

This, is the reason I was painting more fabric today. "For Pele's Sake" is on hiatus, until I can find some tiny dolls that look Hawaiian. (Ok, so I did find some, but they are 4" tall, and $39 for 3 of them. Eek! Considering that I need them about 1-2" tall, and would like 8-12 of them, this will not do. Think: Worry Dolls but with Hawaiian attire) I love elves, and I have already done one elf portrait. This will be my second. The background is pink on the bottom melding into blue as it goes up.

These are the fabrics I painted today for consideration. She insisted that she be green and orange. (The image looks rather pink, but I assure you it's orange in real life.) She's leaning towards an orange face with green hair.

I don't know about the elves around other parts of the world, but the ones here in Minnesota have a habit of changing their looks as often as the weather changes! While very beautiful, it makes it quite difficult for one to do a portrait of them, as they change their minds so often!

I just hope she doesn't get up to too much mischief at the studio tonight. (Though I would not complain if she straightened up a bit!) I also hope she doesn't change her appearance on me, I really don't want to start all over from scratch again!

I'm very excited because when I went to check my mail today, there was actually something in the box again! Mickey Depre had sent me my charm square for her challenge! Tomorrow I hope to start sketching some, and working on ideas for the 12.5" block she is asking for. I have a couple "special" fabrics picked out to go with it already.

And Mickey - than you SO much for sending me mail! lol I get such a dorky high off finding a parcel in my mailbox at the studio! I know, I'm a geek! Ah well!

Good night all!

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Mom said...

Good Morning Steph,

Just bee bopping in to let you know that I am finally reading your blog daily. Does that make me a good mom now? hehe

BTW, it doesn't surprise me that you see a tree in that piece of fabric.

In case anyone reading this doesn't know my Steph, she sees trees in everything. I should start calling her my tree child.

I am wondering if I should have named her Willow. Stephanie just doesn't seem to fit as well. I'm sure she may have picked another name, but since she didn't talk until 9 months and they wouldn't let me wait that long to name her, she got what she got because I liked it.

Well, I better sign this off before it turns into a book. Since QB Day got cancelled, I am going to get another customer quilt started today. I also need to get Katie's quilt bound before the party saturday.

Keep those artistic juices flowing. They really seem to be coming out quickly in the new shop. Having the space to expand your thoughts has really paid off.

I think you have probably come up with more in one week in the shop than you had in the last month at home. Space to spread your materials out and let your mind wander really seems to make a difference.

Call if you get some free time.

Chat later.
luv mom ":^)