Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Starry Skies

I managed to get the background painted in "For Pele's Sake!". It actually went quite a bit better than I anticipated it would. It helped that the pieces were not stuck down, merely pinned, so I could pull them back out of the way of the paint. I used a tiny bit of Dye-Na-Flow mixed with a generous amount water (Were talking maybe a teaspoon of paint versus 6+ oz. of water.) Colors used: Bright blue, black, neon pink, orange, and red above the volcano for flying lava. The large lighter spots you see, are where I used a resist, I plan to put crystals there for stars. Then I put a good amount of silk salt on for a mottled effect.

This is a hand dyed piece I did probably about a year ago. I hand dyed it - this is sadly an example of the blackest black that I've been able to dye! I think discharged the tree image using Cascade gel dish detergent.

These I did today, to go with the main tree. I used the resist paste from Jacquard to faux batik using a scrapbooking rubber stamp. Tomorrow I will use the same stamp, and layer black trees on top of the white ones. These are done in long strips, to border the bigger tree.

Another good day. :)

***This was supposed to be posted last night on 7/22 but Blogger was down***

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EileenKNY said...

I like the blue. It came out really nice. I'm sort of a tree person, I prefer them to flowers any day.