Monday, July 07, 2008

I Love Technology!

The cafe in the building my studio is in, offers free Wifi! While it doesn't work IN my studio, I brought my laptop in, and am having lunch now. The great part, is that I'm right next to their air conditioner! It's pretty hot in the studio, though not unbearable. I was going to only work until midday, but have decided with all the fans going, and the impending rain, I'm going to stick it out until this evening some time.

I have already gotten the curtains for the three huge windows done today, I just need to find a ladder to borrow to get them up! I have like 14 foot ceilings, so you can imagine how high the warehouse type windows are.

I haven't decided what to do next. Either work on getting a quilt on the frame, cleaning/organizing more, working on an existing project, or start something new. Unfortunately, I forgot the piece I had hoped to get some work done on at home, and don't feel like driving back to get it currently.

I didn't realize until I was in the car on the way here this morning, that I hadn't had a day alone since last Monday. For me, that's amazing. I tend to require a fair amount of alone time, or I get all wound up. I hope I'm not the only one that is like this, but if I am around other people continuously for too long, I feel so cranky and crowded. Even if the people surrounding me, are those near and dear to me.

The maintenance guy put my other sign plate up today, so I now have "Stephanie Forsyth Fiber Arts Studio"! I'll have to take a picture of it later. It's pretty cool!

The most awesome thing so far today? I can take as long as a lunch as I want to! No more 30 minutes junk! I always hated that, I mean, 3o minutes is no where near long enough to go get food, eat it, and get back. I always had to scarf my food in just a few minutes to get back in time. It never resulted in a very good feeling stomach either.

I won't be able to afford to eat here everyday, but it sure will be nice every now and then. :) Maybe once a week would be good. It's always nice to have someone else cook for you and do the clean up.

Well, I should finish my lunch and get back to work. I'll try to remember to take pictures today, and post more this evening. :) Have a great afternoon!


Mickey Depre said...

I am a "loner" summed it up beautifully...around people for too long and you begin to feel crowded. Actually I like to thinks it's overstimulated. I firmly believe it's an artist thing.

arkansaspt said...

I also need my alone time. I'm not always pleasant to be around when I don't get it. But, knowing that about myself I try to make sure I get it.

Lisa (arkansaspt)

Margo said...

Stephanie, you are definately not the only one who needs alone time! I don't even like NOISE (tv?) or music when I'm working on something! And I'm aware of that and count my blessings that quiet time something I can manage to have!