Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Good Day Today

This was a great Saturday, lovely sunny weather 85 degrees, and a nice breeze now and then. Spend the day doing some shopping errands, more fans for the studio (no a/c), and other random things. Washed the van, with a new coolie tool scrubber that hooks up to the hose! Watched the movie Transamerica, which was really good!

Had breakfast/brunch at Sonic - for those that don't know we just recently got our first Sonic here in Minnesota. I was introduced to them by my best friend, a Texan, who grew up with Sonics. (JEALOUS!)

It felt sort of weird to not go to the studio today, but I just really felt like my nerves needed a good relaxing day doing stuff I'd been putting off, and fun things. I did pick up a couple yards of decorator fabric to make curtains for the fabrics storage area. I knew I needed to prevent the fabrics from getting too much sun, plus, I realized it would probably help keep out some of the heat in the summer, and cold in the winter. I may leave the one in the main area curtain free, but am not sure yet. They are super high up, so I am going to either need to make the rod part extra large, or I am going to have to put rings on it instead (like those metal rolling rings for shower curtains.) Then I would just have to hem top and bottom, and add button holes to the top.

I had the mini fridge up on a table that was originally going to be for the cutting mat area, so yesterday I found a good rolling cart to put it on, that has storage underneath, and now I have my cutting table back.

Tonight we're grilling burgers and having corn on the cob, so I should get going now!

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