Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Dogs Are Barking!

Okay, so I always wanted to say that about my feet! But it's true, my feet are absolutely killing me today, a combination of standing/walking all day organizing and putting things away, and that I slightly twisted my left ankle last night. Oofda!

The pictures are what the studio looks like now, after a day of a lot of hard work. The long arm got set up today! No time to use it yet though.

I was excited to learn that the gold sign that says "Stephanie Forsyth" will have the "Fiber Arts Studio" line added to it on Monday. Woohoo!

Now it's time to enjoy the 4th of July weekend! Not sure when I'll be stopping back in the studio, maybe yet this weekend.

Right now, I'm going to put my feet up, and veg out watching TV! And more than likely slip into a deep sleep.

I can't wait to start creating in there, and then my blog can be about fiber arts again!

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Mickey Depre said... looks happy for you.