Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wii Fit to Mii Fit?

I'm super excited! I pick up Wii Fit tonight!

I was at the electronic store, looking for the fifth season of 7th Heaven (Yes, I am a dork!) and happend to see a lonely Wii Fit box...called the hubby, "Uh..they have one Wii Fit should I get it.." "Yes!" :) They've been a bit hard to find, but I seem to get lucky when it comes to finding this sort of stuff. After quite awhile of Zach looking for the Wii, I ran in one day and they happend to have one left!

Anyways, the Wii Fit is really neat! It has a scale, and can sense your balance and everything. I am really impressed with the yoga poses that is has you do. Of course the games are fun too, including hula hooping and jogging.

It calculates your BMI, and keeps track of your balance capabilities. :) You score "minutes" when you complete a task, which seems to correlate to how long you've actually exercised. Household goal now, is for each of us to complete at least 15 minutes a day. The only strange thing, is that when it lets you set your goal weight/bmi loss, it has a cap of 22 lbs. Oh well, it lets you readjust every two weeks, so you can account for more weight loss.

It also has a section in it, that lets you plug in time doing other activities outside of the Wii Fit program, like dishes, cleaning, gardening, walking, running, etc. And the scale in it appears to be accurate, as it unfortunately matches the weight that my "real" scale in the bathroom tells me.

Sounds like we have a thunderstorm heading in, I heard a good rumble. Going to go get a couple more of the activities in, then settle down for some TV. :)

Have a great night!


Mickey Depre said...

Thinking about getting Wii Fit too..that's for the info!

nanaandpapa1 said...

I just got my wii fit. over the 4th of July weekend the whole family helped break it in. We all "weighed in" and found our wii age. I am only 3 years over my real age, whooooo hoooo! much better than son and dau-in-law. however, daughter and granddaughter put us all to shame. I couldn't get serious with an audience and cheering section, but had great fun watching them try to get and hold top score in the games. Yesterday and today I will try to do the same, now that there is no one to watch. I guess I like the competition, just not the audience. Then I will be off to turn my studio/spare bedroom back into a studio.