Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Walk on the Wild Side

The first picture is from my backyard, outside my sewing area again. It's one of the many bunnies we have this year wandering around. I love the bunnies, but it seems all the neighbors are not fond of them, as they have been eating plants. The only plants of mine they ate were the tulips, which they eat every spring. Other than they, they stick the multitude of weeds in the garden, and whatever is in the food trays I have out for them, the birds and the squirrels.

The second one, if you can see him, is one of the goldfinches that's been visiting this spring. :)

Then, I went for a walk...and just down the road from me, I discovered this monstrous cow. The thing had to be 15 or more feet high..and looks like the one from the Minnesota State Fair. Not sure why it's at a neighbor's house in their driveway..very bizarre!

The fourth picture is further down the road, where they are building McMansions on a couple lots they bought from some lovely neighbors (snarl). My only consolation is that they've only been about to sell one or two of the 10+ houses they are putting in the very small area. Gross, I know. Anyways, I'm not sure what the rust thing is for, but I sure wish it wasn't so huge or I'd be rolling it to my house for some rust dyeing! The daisies in front of it were quite pretty though, and I though the reddish metal made a nice backdrop to them. :)

The fifth photo, is why I have been so miserable this spring. That stuff is flying around EVERYWHERE right now, it's nasty! That was just a small section of a larger mass of them stuck in a yard. Eew!

Slept very late today (nearly noon) after being up often over the night with a nasty case of heartburn. I still can't quite pinpoint the cause of it..but will be stocking up on antacids today, so I can get regular hours sleep tonight!

This afternoon I plan to work on my 9 patch/Hourglass more. I have to keep reminding myself that every time I sew more together, I have less to sew together in the next round! Right now, I just want it all together, as I'm very excited to start on the hand applique part! It's in bright batiks, so I am thinking of a beach or ocean theme. Dolphins? Fish? Or maybe I should go with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers? Mmm..yes, that one has real possibility!

I still find myself wondering about that cow, though...very weird!

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