Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night, we went to see
Walking with Dinosaurs the live show. It was amazing! I don't know how to fully describe how large these things are! They are truly life size. I'm only posting a couple images, because I don't want to "spoil" it for anyone.

I thought I had made quite a bit of head way on the nine patch quilt I've been hacking away at. However, I realized around 11pm, that I must have sewed to late into the night, because I'd sewn the blocks together in a completely wrong configuration. So, I will be ripping that apart in the morning, and correcting the error. Bleah!

And of course tomorrow, I will probably start working on some flower patterns for the applique border pieces. I'm very excited about this part...though I will have to dig through the tubs of fabrics I have packed up to try and find the fabrics that I used in it to cut out the applique pieces.

I'm staying on track with my Wii Fit, did 37 minutes today, and took a nice walk outside. I'm planning to add some weight holding to the routines in Wii Fit...especially the basic step program. I tell ya what though, the boxing routine in that thing, can kick your butt! Once you put some time into it, it opens up more advanced routines of it, the final I hear is a 30 minute boxing session! I don't think I'd make it through that yet!

I am leaving you with some pictures of my incredibly cute kitties. The top is Mitzie Lee, the second one is Molly Mittens! I swear, it should be a felony for them to be this cute. It's why Dad's chair is in shreds, yet they still have claws! Aren't they awesome?

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