Friday, June 06, 2008

Today's Goals:

Well, goal actually. Which is simply to get the stuff that's all stacked up in my living room, packed up and ready to go to the studio. There lots of of recently washed fabrics that have piled up a bit, waiting for tubs which I got to purchase yesterday. I have made a realization through all this, they very much need to improve dryers, and cut the drying time by half or more! Ugh!

It shouldn't be too hard, since the weather isn't very suitable for going out anyways. There is a general consensus that Minnesota will no longer be receiving anymore sunshine! It's rained the last, I'm not sure how many days, and they're predicting another four days of rain from today.

On a positive note, it looks like I only have one to two tubs of fabrics left to wash in the basement! Woohoo! I keep trying to imagine what it is going to feel like when the basement is void of all of my fiber arts inventory. I will actually be able to have a laundry folding table down there! Not too mention what it will be like to get our dining area back in the kitchen!

I also really need to do a comprehensive list of what I need for the studio. Of course, I'm sure there may be many things I'll need that I won't be aware of until I get moved in.

I had already started scouring Craig's List's free section for a couch, when hubby reminded me that we have our old couch and chair in a storage locker. So next week, I'll have to head out there and check on the condition of them, to decide if they are usable still or not. (I hope so, because it's super comfy, in fact when we bought the same set in another color!)

Okay, I should go get started on the living room!

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