Thursday, June 05, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Waiting For...

Went in and signed the lease on the studio, and paid the first months rent! And hubby got to see the space, and he seemed to like it. He kept saying, "It's really big!" In guy terms, that's probably a huge compliment to the space!

Here are the new pictures:

The top two are the windows in the private office area. The third pictures shows the wall I plan to run the longarm on, and if you look in the background area, I discovered a little window sized nook in the wall. (I see my coffee mug there!) The last two pictures are just the outside end of the room. It's hard to get decent shots at all right now, because the current tenants stuff is still lining all of the walls in there. Better shots will be available to me July 1st. (Ugh, too far away!)

The basement is finally starting to look like I'm making some headway. Though, you may not be able to tell it from the pictures! The table with all the big tubs, is the stuff that's packed up and ready to go, the pictures with the small nook area that's darker in teh back is where my fabrics are tubbed up, ready to go. And the longarm shots, are the picture reasoning for getting my own studio!

I just can't WAIT to get in there and get my own space set up. I have decided that even though it will take me awhile to get it done, as I unpack the fabrics to put them on the shelves, I will be refolding them with the technique described in Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space by Lois L. Hallock. You sorta wrap the fabric around a quilting ruler, then fold in half to get uniform sized folded fabrics. I've already started folding new fabrics and hand dyes I do this way and it's so much easier to stack and store!

Off to work on packing/cleaning/washing fabrics!

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Caron said...

Congratulations!! Studio space outside my home is one of my goals, too. It looks like you found an ideal spot. The light in the photos is really nice!