Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm A Lucky Girl

I have to say, that I have the best husband ever! If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have this news to share. As of July 1st, I will be moving my fiber art materials into my very own studio!

That's right! My OWN studio! No more spreading my equipment, fabric, etc. over my entire house. This means, a CLEAN HOUSE! As well as my very own space to be me in.

It's in the Thorp Building in the NE Minneapolis Arts District. It took a gazillion phone calls and some pure luck to snag a space big enough with an in studio sink. It just so happens that this one has one slop sink, and a regular sink, as well as what looks to be an extra set up water hookups that I hope to hook a washer up to. Here's the real estate pictures:

The stuff that you see in the room belongs to the tenant who is leaving, a photographer.

The first two pictures are of the main area, the third picture is a view of the separate office in the space. The sinks are behind the huge lights on the top picture to the far left of the image.

So currently our house is a disaster area, due to my pulling things out to organize and pack away. Sadly I have some fabrics,
that I am having to throw away! There were tubs of fabric down in the basement that I forgot about, and sadly I can not get the musty smell out of them. And I can not stand that smell! Not that it's making much of a dent in the stash though!

I'm trying to get a grasp on what I still need to find for the studio. Like a microwave & bakers rack, a small cute set of dishes, a nifty wall clock, a stereo, in studio computer (which may be hiding in our basement somewhere...), etc.
So what are my plans for my studio? Well the first goal other than setting it up, is to get a series of 12-20 pieces done for an opening. My other goals are to start workshops on dyeing and fiber arts, an also renting out studio time for others to dye, or lay out their quilts, etc.

Reclaiming our home back is no small thing either. To be able to have a home/home, rather than a home/everything else home will be so nice and relaxing! I expect it will be easier than trying to keep a house nice and neat with an entire business worth of things stacked up around too.

My hubby and I go to sign the lease tomorrow morning, and he will actually get to see the studio for the first time! I'm very excited! I will be sure to try and remember to bring my camera and grab some better pictures with more views.

I can't wait to finish getting the basement cleaned out properly, my lungs seem to be suffering from stirring all the junk up down there! I suspect is a combination of the dampness, dust, and thing down there from BEFORE the family quit smoking! (Yuck!)

I am just so happy to finally have some direction in my life again. I hope this plan works out, unlike my previous plans in life, but if it doesn't I'll roll with it, and be proud that I tried. But a few weeks ago, I realized I will be 32 come September of this year, and that it's time to get my butt in gear. I'm betting that this is less scary now, than it would be for me at 42 or 52!

I'm off for more sorting/folding/etc! Okay..and maybe an episode or two of Clean House! (Ooooh I love that show! Fooooolishness!)

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Sandi A. said...

You are right - great hubby. And the studio you will have! Oh, my, you are one lucky gal!! I joined stitchin fingers a few weeks ago and decided to go searching for others from MN and that's how I found you! I will check back often to see pics of your studio space as it develops.
Sandi A.