Monday, June 16, 2008

15 Days and Counting...

Only fifteen days, including today until my studio is available to me to move in! I have most of the stuff in the basement packed up to some degree. But still have stuff in my design/sewing area. I actually finished piecing the main part of the 9 patch/hourglass quilt I've been working on. I am actually considering dividing it in half and making two twin sized quilts...not sure yet though.

Have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I have had tons of troubles with them this spring, between allergies making my sinus push against my roots, and issues from night time teeth grinding (yes, I know I should wear my night guard..ugh!) I've already been in several times this spring.

Today is being spent cleaning the bedroom, I am terrible about putting my laundry away, always have been! But today, it's all getting put away, and laundry being done. I even found some fabrics in my bedroom! I'm also going through and putting stuff into a bag for a yard sale I plan to have in August. Can't wait for that either!

The summer is shaping up nicely. :) It's amazing how far into Minnesota's warm months we are. Here's the scoop on my plans:

18th - quilt meeting
23rd - Minnesota Contemporary Quilter's meeting
27-28th - Minnesota Quilt Guild show in Rochester

Moving into new studio!

Yard sale and State Fair!

6-20th - HAWAII!!!!

Looks like an awesome summer to me!

Okay, off to put those darn clothes away!

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