Monday, June 30, 2008

It's the Final Countdown...

13 hours and 18 minutes to go before I get they keys to my studio in my grubby little hands. *wringing hands together*

I picked up some more stuff for the studio today. I got cups at target (4 cups in a pack for $0.98, crazy yeah?), a trash can & bags, coffee grinder, super cool olive green plates with tree picture, mop, and probably a couple other things, but I am tired and forgetful. Hubby is staying home tomorrow, he'll work from home till noon, then my BFF is also getting off work and we'll head to a celebratory lunch, then to the rental office to finalize stuff and get the keys.

I printed my updated business cards. I put my new address on them, and on the backside listed the products/services available at the studio. Once I get moved in, and figure out exactly where I want to go with this, I can design a brochure to promote the services, classes, etc.

I'll be sure to take photos, and get some up here tomorrow hopefully!

I did manage to get a few sketches done today, starting to plan out a series. :)

Off to try and get some sleep, not that it'll be easy!

1 comment:

Mickey Depre said...

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy...all this wonderful excitement and energy is sure to become a great quilt...the first from your studio!
I can hardly wait to see it all!