Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Happenings Around Here...

Thursday I picked up my mom, saw The Happening (eh?), and she stayed the night, and we went to Rochester for the Minnesota Quilt Show on Friday. So, now i can finally post pictures of the quilt I did for the
Minnesota Contemporary Quilters group, it was a challenge called Architexture. Mine is based off of a staircase called The Two Bridges. I took the picture, simplified it, and then mirrored it in order to to a black/white/gray representation (which is are the actual "colors), and also a full color representation. So you are not looking at two separate quilts, though it does seem to look like that in the pictures!

I won't post other pictures from the show due to copyright. :) Sorry! I did see the other Architexture quilts on display, and they were all fabulous! I also ran into several of the MCQ'ers, and it was great to see ya'll! :)

And I did a package tracking, and this is scheduled to arrive tomorrow Baker's Rack.
It's for my coffee maker, microwave, etc. in the studio. :) So I'm very happy that it should be here by move in beginning on Tuesday.

Tomorrow looks to be the most excruciating day for me! I am getting SO excited about moving in now, and the closer it gets, the harder it is to wait! Bean (best friend) and I actually stopped by the Thorp building today, and had a beer at the Diamond Cafe. I was hoping to swing by the studio door and see if my signage was up yet, but the studio hallways were locked for off hours, and obviously I don't have a key yet. Oh well!

I have been reading Next by Michael Crichton, but have put that on hold to read Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Vern. I want to read it before seeing the new version of it at theatre. (It looks sooo good!)

We saw Wall-E last night and it was amazing! Pixar never seems to fail! :)

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Caron said...

Love this piece!

Happy moving day!!