Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Well, after several trips with two vehicles, in scorching heat, we managed to get the majority of my stuff into the studio I think. Pretty much all of my fabrics are there, save for the "specials" I never packed up that were in my working area, and still are right now.

Tomorrow, I will be picking up my mom tomorrow morning, she'll be here for a couple of days helping me set things up and get organized. I am considering weeding out most of my commercial fabrics and have a sale, so maybe we'll take stock of that. I will also have her help me put my long arm back together again.

Oh gosh! I forgot to take a picture of my name plaque outside the door! hehe Oh well, tomorrow I guess.

After seeing all my tubs of fabric in there (we added many more tubs after that picture you see down there), it's daunting how much space is still left! I am pleasantly surprised at the size. It was really hard to gauge just how big 846 sq. ft. is.

I am thrilled at how much wall space I have for displaying working, etc. It'll take a little finesse figuring out a way get things hung on the cement areas of the wall, but I have some ideas.

I'm still waiting for word from the property managers on whether the extra water lines are still working or not, to be able to hook up a washing machine. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

The second to last picture has my new baker's rack in the far background. Hubby was sweet and put it together for me today, right away. It already has my microwave, coffee maker & dishes set up on it.

I have discovered that I will probably be needing more furniture and shelving, etc. It's weird how stuff in a basement looks huge, but put it in an open space, and it looks tiny! I also have a futon sofa picked out from Ikea, that I want to get as soon as I can.

Mostly I just can't wait to get things settled and organized, so I can start working on new pieces!!! Yay!

I'll post pictures of the progress as this goes along.

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