Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Was On a Parade Float!

Okay, so it may be silly, but I was super excited last night, as I got to sit on a parade float for a local parade! I was on the DFL float, holding signage, waving, and get this, sitting with Frannie Franke, Al Franken's wife! She's really nice and is super excited for Al!

Now the crazy part! So, we're going along, then I feel a big bump. I was just turning to my best friend sitting next to me to say, "What'd we do, run over a small child?" Before I could get the words out a lady starts yelling...she was under the floats tire! I am NOT kidding! She had tried to jump onto the float WHILE it was moving, just in front of the tire area. Uh-huh, didn't make it. So everyone yells stop, and the truck stops. Well, just so happened that we hadn't finished running the woman over, so the truck had to back up to get the float trailer off her!

She was put in the truck with some ice packs from our beverage cooler, then dropped off with some medics at the turn in the parade. She managed to walk to them with a fairly good limp. But she did seem able to put a bit of weight onto it, hopefully meaning nothing was broken.

I felt bad though, because I kept breaking into the giggles last night. For one thing, because I had been about to say we ran over someone not knowing we actually had. And the other because of the headlines I kept imagining if the parade had gotten media attention. Something along the lines of, "The DFL doesn't care about you, it runs over helpless women..."

I sure wish she hadn't tried to jump on while the float was moving, but not as much as she does I bet.

I managed to clock in just under 12 miles on my bike yesterday. And I will be riding it to JoAnn's today to pick up some background/backing fabric for a piece I want to do up for the State Fair. It's using one of my mom's patterns from her block of the month club. To visit her site, click the link to the left labeled "Anilee Creations".

After I get home, I'll prewash it while I start cutting what I need from the other fabrics. Would like to get a bunch done today, it conatins quite a few smallish half square triangles. If I get tired of working on that piece, I may switch and work on an art piece I have in mind for the fair also.

It's another beautiful day so far, going to go enjoy it with Pearl!

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nanaandpapa1 said...

oooooohhhhhh! deja vu! only it wasn't someone else; it was me. I was going with a friend to take her new puppy to the vet for the first time. It was close to 2 hrs. away (long trip for a new puppy). Well the pup got carsick and we stopped to put the back seat back in order. My friend was holding the puppy's head (so she wouldn't .... you know..... i can't say it) and i jumped out. I opened the door to the backseat and took the dog. my friend put the car in park and got out. the car rolled slightly forward and YEP! landed on top of my foot. So how do you tell someone that they just parked their car on top of your foot? LOUDLY! surprisingly my foot was not hurt, yea, I felt it (for a couple of days) but nothing broken, bruised, or otherwise damaged. Isn't that weird? I had totally forgotten that incident. hope the float lady was just as lucky.