Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great Balls of Fire!

I never did get to working on anything quilt related yesterday, other than picking up the piece I needed at the store. With everything packed and stacked, there just isn't room for me to comfortably work on things it feels. In fact that house itself it fairly in shambles as a result of tubs etc. set to move. I guess we've lived in our home long enough that I forgot how much moving sucks! Good thing we don't have to move everything in the house.

So instead, I have been biking and reading. And reading, and reading, and reading. I've read four books in about a week and a half. I just finished Germ by Robert Liparulo this morning, and then started Next by Michael Crichton.

I really need to clean the house, but it's feeling pointless and hopeless right now, due to studio stuff towering around. And I am going to assume that my tiredness and cramps are not helping my mood currently. I'm not so much cranky, as I am frustrated and stressed. Though I do have a quilt show to go to on Friday, so that is a big thing to look forward to. I have a piece in it, as part of a guild challenge. So it'll be nice to see it there. (And nicer still that it wasn't judged, so I don't have to feel all poopie when I don't win!)

I've been thinking a lot recently about my upcoming trip to Hawaii in September. I miss Hawaii so much, so often. I really wish that we either lived there, or had a vacation home there. I love Minnesota, but I swear my heart knows it belongs in Hawaii. The rhythm of the place just felt natural to me. Not to mention the smell of the flowers and coffee plantations. Hmm, I've been searching my mind for a theme for a series, and perhaps Pele would do just the trick?

The stories and beliefs about Pele are fascinating to me. There is something about her that is endearing to me. She is such a predominant and powerful figure in Hawaii. She is both a creator and a destroyer, and is beautiful. Maybe I'll try sketching today, and see what happens.

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