Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, Sunday....

It was a great day today. I read a huge part of the latest book I'm on, Germ by Robert Liparulo 2/3 through, and it's amazing so far. Fast moving, and lots of characters!

After spending a good amount reading, took a small bike trip with hubby to lunch then Barnes and noble. Then later this afternoon the family took a bigger bike ride. Ten miles! That's huge for me!

We took a trail that I had spotted from my car one day, it turned out to be a very pretty ride, with lots of forest enclosed areas. We saw MANY bunnies, a pigeon, red wing black birds, an egret flying over head, a couple geese flying over head, and some squirrels.

I got up some hills that I really didn't think I would, and that felt really good! There was only one hill I walked, and that was after a bridge that signage said to walk across, didn't have the momentum to get myself up it from a dead stop.

The only hitch on the trip, was when I went to change gears after a hill, my chain slipped off. Thankfully hubby was with and helped get it back on!! I would have probably ended up walking home if I'd been by myself. *Note to self: Learn to get chain back on!*

Only 9 days until D day now! I am getting incredibly nervous now! I'm not much of a risk taker, and for me this feels so risky! One of my biggest fears about having the studio is being lonely, so I very much hope that my cell phone works in there. :(

The last picture is of a couple of my peony bushes. I'll try to post some more of the pictures I took of them tomorrow.

Gotta get some rest in a bit, have a dentist appointment tomorrow that I want to try to ride to, plus I am marching with the DFL in a local parade!

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Mickey Depre said...

Hey Steph...I'm a biker rider too! Don't you just love the feeling of empowerment after a great ride. And the gear thing gets me too...Paul is constanting saying...Shift gears Mic, shift gears...and now I shift like a champ.