Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Biker Chick

So, I am going off with the hubster tonight to look at possible new bikes for me. It turns out that a small frame mountain bike is not the bike for me. I am looking at getting one of these babygirls:

The bottom two are the same bike different colors..that's a tough choice too! This is all contingent that they will hold my rack with baskets on the back. I need somethign that will carry a couple of grocery bags back there. :)

I have to say, I feel as giddy as a little girl at getting a brand new shiny bicycle! I wonder if I can get those handle bar tassles..I always loved those on mine. I don't know, are you allowed to have bike tassles when your in your thirties?

And it's twelve days until I move into the studio, not counting the rest of tonight! I'm getting more and more excited as it gets closer, but nervous too! My parents are awesome, and lent me a lot of stuff for the studio: 3 of th 6 ft tables, shelf, a mini fridge, chairs and a computer desk.

Hubby says we have plenty of spare parts in the basement to put together a pc for the studio for me (let's pray I can get internet so I can blog from there!! OMG That would be awesome!), and my parents also lent me a color printer they had, so I can print from Electric Quilt, etc. at the studio.

I still want to find a nifty clock for the wall..something contemporary and funky. And I will be watching Craigslist after I move in for a free or reasonable washing machine once it is verified that it can be hooked up to the water line next to the sink. (It looks like someone had a sink or washer there already in the past.)

Oh, thought I'd show ya'll our rental for Hawaii this September: Kona Beach Retreat. This is where we stay two years ago, and we loved it there, and the condo is beautiful! The view from the lanai's is even better than the photos look! I can't wait to go back. There is internet connection at the condo, so expect Hawaii blogs in September.

Well, off for now. Gonna get ready to go look at some bikes then pick up salad fixings for dinner this evening. Was going to have a glass of wine first, then realized that maybe the bike people wouldn't like me to take their bikes out for a test ride smelling of wine! hehe

Have a great night!

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