Friday, May 25, 2007

An Awesome Week

I used my hand dyeds! The top piece all but the black fabric are my own personal hand dyed pieces. For the flower quilt, the background piece was a hand dyed - the rest is silk flowers and satin with some sheers and angelina.

This is what I worked on last night and today. I'm pretty darn excited about it. It is my own design, and my own "feathers" pattern for the quilting. ( they aren't quite perfect feathers, but they're mine!)

I call it, Psycheldelic Partridge.

I still need to bind it and get some embellishments on it.

This is what I did on Wednesday:

It has the binding one it, but needs to be turned to the back and hand sticthed, that's why the outside gold edge looks so wavy currently. It also still needs to be embellished.

I also finished up a piece for a challenge this week! Yay! Can't show it yet because voting hasn't started yet. Anilee Creations is hosting the online challenge. Voting begins on June 1st, and there is a link for the 2008 challenge, so you can get your packet now! The due date on the 2008 challenge is February 23, 2008.

Oh, and I finally got to try that Miracle Chalk stuff, all I can say is WOW! I am so impressed and happy! It is so nice to not have to carefully scrub hard chalk lines off. If you haven't used it, you must! All you do when you're done quilting, is steam it with your iron. It only takes a second!

I used it on the Psycheldelic Partridge, which had a tulle on the top layer, and as long as you do not hold the iron down for more than a second the tulle doesn't melt, and the chalk still disappears! I have my iron on it's highest steam setting.

What a wonderful week this has been!

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