Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I will have pictures up here soon of my works in progress. I am very excited, as I have finally sat down and written down my goals for 2007 in regards to quilting. The following was written by hand the other night.

May 21, 2007

Went to the Contemporary meeting tonight. Norma Reihm was our speaker - I already know her through my Mom. I really like her a lot and we got to visit quite a bit tonight. She even mentioned me in her lecture! Awesome! It's great to have someone plug your business for you! Especially when you're shy.

I definitely have some thoughts now about hot to get into the quilting world more intensely. I need to set goals for myself.

Goal #1. Enter at least one more piece in a show in 2007.

Goal #1. Get at least 5 pieces on my business site showing what can be done with my hand dyed fabrics. At least one must be traditional in style. Doesn't matter what size they are.

Goal #3. Dye at least 3 more bolts of fabric in 2007

Goal #4. Do up and try to sell at least 1 pattern within the next year.

Goal #5. Do one whole cloth piece in 2007.

Hopefully these are all doable goals. I am hoping that cmpleting these goals will give me more motivation and will in return help me accomplish more.

I really have to learn to motivate myself - and to learn to do so - even if I never get recognition. A quilter I really look up to is fond of the saying, "Pretend & always act like you're already a big time quilter, others will start to believe it." It seems to be working for her! I wonder if she'll write a book anytime soon...

Things I think about doing some day:

Exhibiting my works
Sell: Fabrics, prints and patterns
Write a book
At lease place in a quilt competition

I really have to find a "niche" to excel in. I just can't seem to find it, or see it yet. I will try to keep myself opening to it coming to me.

*End of Previous Written Post*

I would also like to start working on doing series pieces, or studies of various topics. I think it would give me the opportunity to try many different techniques and ideas.


alice said...

I like the goals you have set for yourself. How are you doing on them now that it is August?

Stephanie Forsyth said...

#3 and #5 were completed, and #1 will be complete on December 27th! :)