Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan and Creativity

I feel glued to the news. The uncertainty about the power plants in Japan, as they are still searching for survivors and bodies is so heavy. I will make myself go into my studio today and work on a project I need to do. I will probably play Who Does She Think She Is while I work. Some how that documentary always brings me a sense of hope and happiness.

It seems weird, but I have almost felt a sense guilt. For example, Friday I spent many hours in line waiting to buy an iPad 2. Many times it entered my thoughts how it felt wrong to wait in line for it, with what was happening in Japan. I have to admit, it made the idea of "what if I don't get one" pathetic.

A lot of creatives becomes more creative when something like this happens. Letting out their feelings, working through it via their art. I generally am less likely to make my way into my studio. It's hard for me to let go of the negative feelings that are waving through me and create something.

It wasn't until recently that I started dealing with anything negative through my art work. Before that, all my of worries and angers, etc. I let out in my personal journal books. Lately however, with the aid of my new Airpen, I have been putting those journal entries directly onto my pieces. So far I have done pieces dealing with my personal frustrations about politics, and social issues. I have even done a piece on my own infertility, which was actually a pretty uncomfortable piece for me to write on.

The day of the earthquake (just hours before it), I had just finished the coloring of the piece I did about friendship and family. It was actually a happy piece, about a night spend with friends and family. I loved working on it, it felt good. So, now I am trying to make myself return to the studio to work on one of the current pieces. I don't think I can handle doing a piece about this yet. I am so sad and worried for the people of Japan. I can't (and honestly don't want to) imagine what it is like to be them at this moment.

I will do a bit more writing, get my shower and then head to the studio. It's definitely a deep and heavy thought Sunday.

On the lighter side, my iPad 2 has a weird quirkiness to it, whenever I try to type my name in for programs it wants to change it:

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Ann Brauer said...

Stephanie--Thanks for putting what I was feeling into words. I too kept checking to see what was happening in Japan and felt more than a little guilty that my life is basically normal. I did the same with Egypt and Gabby Giffords.