Saturday, February 05, 2011

Stuck In the Studio

I woke up this morning with every intention of working on some articles. However, the moment I walked into the studio, and saw it's messy state, those intentions faded. Now I am sitting in the midst of a tornado strewn studio. How does this happen?

You've been there, right? You start to "clean" only to realize that complete furniture rearrangement and organization is needed. All those books should be over there. The art supplies should have been put over here to begin with... It feels like you're making really good progress. Then, your back/hip/whatever starts to get tired and you sit down to take a break. (That's where I am in the process now.)

You sit down, you look around and say, "Holy crap, what happened?"

There are random piles of mismatched stuff on pretty much every surface. There are piles on the floor. You have found multiple UFOs that you stacked on a table, because you'd forgotten about them and now you hear in your head, "Oooh, I should finish these..."

You've seen Twister, right? Well, this is the time period of cleaning that I like to refer to as "The Suck Zone". 1. You're starting to feel that this whole idea of cleaning "SUCKS!" and 2. It looks like your studio was dead center in the suck zone...AND the drop zone!

Now it's time to breath, take a look around and figure out the plan for the second half of the battle.

Truth be told, I'm getting a little cranky. I received my air pen this week, but I told myself I am not allowed to actually try it until my calendar for The Fiber Nation articles was done, and my studio was clean and organized. I'm hosting another retreat in two weeks and need to be ready for that, as well as having it in working order to begin teaching classes!

So the last thing I did before I sat down for my break? I hung some more LED lights. I suppose there are more important things in the studio I could have been putting away, but I'd put of hanging them for so seemed a good idea.
Break time is just about over. So after this, I will grab my notebook, look around and make a list of what needs to be done. Please universe, let me get this done today - I don't want to drag it out! Too bad there aren't maids that specialize in reading my mind and cleaning art/sewing studios!

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sanann said...

I laughed when I read this post. I'm on a break and do not want to go back in the studio. I went in this morning to start working on a project, but it was too messy for even me to work in. So, I've cleaned and straightened and put stuff where it belongs and have new fabric in the wash. I will go back in and hopefully will not get lost in the suck zone and can start on my project soon. Have fun!! Sandi