Saturday, February 05, 2011

Stuck, cont'd...

Made it to "the store" tonight, to get some stuff for the studio. I needed more tubs, some cork boards and a year calender pad. This is the use of the latter:
The tubs are because I know that I still have surfaces covered in random things that will need to be sorted. My last line of defense, is to now go through the room, and put all of the "leftovers" into one big tub. Tomorrow morning, I will begin to sort through it, putting items into appropriately labeled storage tubs.

This feels so good to finally be doing! I am okay with how long it took me to get to this point. I needed time to "bond" with my studio, to let it be "just mine" before I open it to others. That is what I am looking to do now, teach classes and hopefully host more retreats. (Interested? Send me a message! Or stop by the Journey's facebook page and leave a comment there: Journey of a Fiber Artist Facebook.)

It is simply not an easy task to arrange a studio so that it is convenient for both the full time creator, AND for students/guests. I think I'm almost there! (There is still a HUGE item on my wishlist, but I've no clue when that will be a feasible. I desperate want the larger Tracy's tables, I want the Quilter's Workstation one!)

Now it's time to sit down and read the lecture that Jane Dunnewold posted that she gave at the Carnegie Center for Art! Ahhh..where's my tea?

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