Thursday, January 06, 2011

Meditation Quilting Piece

Meditation Quilting Piece: First try
One of my "try" items this year, is trying to relax while I am quilting. So I came up with the idea of some meditative pieces to do, that will help me relax my shoulders when I quilt. I tend to hunch them up to my ears, which does NOT feel good!

I started with my own hand dyed fabrics, pieced two fat quarters together:

Then I began what I am calling my meditative quilting:

 Here's the piece with the quilting and edges done:
 Then I started adding in the beadwork:
When bead work was done, I started the process of couching an eyelash yarn to add emphasis to the lines/sections on the piece:
 Here is the completed piece hanging on my black felt design wall:

Here are some detail shots of the piece:

Below, you can see the edging treatment I have the top and bottom edges. It's four strands of a fun yarn twisted, then hand sewn to the edge. I then went back and added a little beading on top of that:


susan m hinckley said...

Lovely! I often find that I'm holding my breath when I'm working, which can't lead to anything good. "Meditation pieces" are a great idea!

Goog said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! I do the shoulders up to the ears thing when I'm quilting, too. I tend to do it whenever I'm concentrating on something!